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Clark County Republican Leaders attended the Washington State Republican Party Quarterly Meeting & Republican Action Conference in Kennewick Washington. They will have a full report at out upcoming CCRCC 2nd Quarter in May.

The Washington Republican State Committee unanimously approved a resolution in opposition to SB 5599, and in favor of a Resolution in support of a Referendum.

Washington State Republican Party
Resolution to Oppose SB 5599 and Support the Referendum

WHEREAS, parents are the protectors of their children and have the natural right and
duty for the care, custody, control, and financial responsibility of their children until they
reach the age of eighteen years;

WHEREAS, SB 5599 robs children of their parents who are the best advocates to guide
them in making good life choices;

WHEREAS, SB 5599 undermines the family by allowing government and/ or non
government organizational hosts to provide shelter, gender affirming treatment and
reproductive health services without any notifications to the parents, placing an
unconsented and inequitable financial burden on the most vulnerable individuals in our

WHEREAS, children can be housed in a facility, home, or center that is hidden from
their parents and parents will not be notified if there is a “compelling reason”, such as
the child desiring gender affirming treatment or abortion services; there is no age
restriction on how young a child could be.

WHEREAS, SB 5599 assumes homes are dangerous places for children suffering from
gender dysphoria and parents who question or do not affirm or who attempt to guide a
child through these thoughts is equal to child abuse;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Washington State Republican Party
hereby opposes SB 5599; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Washington State Republican Party supports
efforts to take a Referendum opposing SB 5599 to the ballot where it can be voted on
by the citizens of Washington State.

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