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The Clark County Republican Party is a big-tent party, comprised of elected and appointed Precinct Committee Officers (the “Central Committee”). There are 350 precincts in Clark County and as of this writing approximately 260 of them have Precinct Committee Officers (“PCOs”). PCOs are elected by their neighbors in their own neighborhoods every two years.

While PCOs have differing opinions on a variety of issues, there are other issues which have nearly universal support and tend to bind us together. The “Core Principles” is an actual mechanism we created within our Bylaws to identify the unifying principles with which we find broad agreement.

There are some very important things to know about this process to avoid misunderstanding what our list of “Core Principles” is and what it is not.

It is NOT a complete list — it is an ongoing and evolving process. The absence of an important matter does not mean it already has been or will not yet be considered. This is a slow and deliberative, long term process to identify the unifying principles held among people with diverse ideas on many subjects.
It is NOT a platform.
They are proposed by PCOs, or by future county convention delegates — a 100% grassroots endeavor, NEVER enacted by committee.
They are intentionally very difficult to pass.

In order to be considered at a quarterly meeting, a majority of PCOs must have already agreed at a prior meeting to put them on the agenda. Therefore there is always a three month advance notice of consideration of any Core Principle.

Regular Central Committee Meetings (“CCRCC Meetings”) require 25% of the PCOs to be present in order to conduct any business (a 25% “quorum”). In order for any Core Principle to be considered for adoption, a super-quorum of 40% is required.

Most questions at CCRCC meetings are decided by a simple majority vote (50% +1). Some questions require a 2/3s super-majority. However, Core Principles require an even higher super-majority – a 75% vote in order to be adopted. This is an extremely high bar. If 75% of a body can agree on something, it is pretty much a matter around which people can unite. For example, amending the US Constitution requires agreement of 75% of the states, so we thought a 75% core principle requirement, while daunting, was appropriate for this endeavor.

Core Principles should have the following characteristics:

One sentence.

Address principles and not specific policy.

Self-explanatory — i.e. not require additional explanation to understand.

Grassroots PCOs worked very hard to implement this process and help it gain acceptance within the party culture. Those who have promoted this know that unity cannot be achieved by edict, but by mutual respect and action. It is our hope that the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) will continue to build upon this list of principles with due diligence and deliberation, so as to develop a Republican Party Brand which will be an example to our community in Clark County and also an example to other communities across the state.

At our August 21st, 2014 meeting, four of the proposed seven Core Principles were adopted, each by an overwhelming majority. All which failed to receive the required 75% vote did exceed simple majorities, but require more work to achieve more universal support. In other words — the process worked! With all this in mind, here are the first ever adopted Core Principles of the Clark County Republican Party — the beginning of an ongoing work which we hope will rally like minded citizens across Clark County to join us in our efforts to preserve our freedom, our individual Liberty, and the opportunities which the USA has historically afforded to ourselves and our posterity.

Having Achieved the Necessary 75% Super-Majority Vote of Precinct Committee Officers on August 21, 2014, Following are the First Adopted;

Core Principles of the Clark County Republican Party:

EQUALITY UNDER LAW–Public officials should not exempt themselves from our laws or regulations.

ACCOUNTABILITY–Public officials should be held accountable to their oath of office, regardless of party affiliation.

SANCTITY OF LIFE–Human life, regardless of age, has the right to legal protection.

MINIMAL GOVERNMENT–Government’s powers should be minimal, clearly defined, and honestly interpreted.

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