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Having Achieved the Necessary 75% Super-Majority Vote of Precinct Committee Officers on March 16th, 2024, the following are Adopted;

Core Principles of the Clark County Republican Party:

EQUALITY UNDER LAW – Neither public officials nor any other groups of people should be above or exempt from the law.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Public officials shall be held accountable to their oath of office, regardless of party affiliation.

SANCTITY OF LIFE – Human beings, from conception to natural death, have the right to legal protection.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES - We affirm the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

LIMITED GOVERNMENT – Government’s powers shall be limited, as defined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and in the Constitution of The State of Washington, as originally intended by the authors.

FISCAL MORALITY - Tax money is not an unlimited resource to be squandered. Creating debt to be repaid by people too young to vote is taxation without representation.

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