Party Platform - Clark County Republican Party


This platform is a statement of the goals and purposes of the Clark County Republican Party, an action plan on policy matters. These are the principles that define the proper role of government, the limits to governmental reach and control in order to protect our freedom and rights, while addressing current issues. We endorse, support, and promote those candidates who represent these principles AND commit to adopt these principles into public policy.


    1. The proper role of government is to protect life, liberty, and property rights. Our God-given, unalienable rights are affirmed by the Declaration of Independence. The government was formed to secure those rights as outlined in the US and State of WA Constitutions.

    2. We oppose government or agency mandates that suspend school, work, religious gatherings, business activity, or individual activity.

    3. We support preventing the government from censoring individual speech of adults and content on social media platforms.

    4. Human beings, from conception to natural death, have the right to life and legal protection.

    5. We support laws that prohibit discrimination against a person on the basis of race, biological sex, religious beliefs, or political beliefs.


    1. We support the recognition of the inherent right to keep and bear arms, including the Constitutional Carry right, in both the US Constitution [2 nd Amendment] and the Washington State Constitution [Declaration of Rights, Art 1, Section 24].

    2. The Right to Bear Arms is the last resort against government tyranny.

    3. We oppose limitations on magazine capacity and prohibitions on semi-automatic firearms to prepare not only for single attackers but also for multiple attackers.

    4. We support reciprocity for holders of concealed handgun licenses.

    5. We support rigorous enforcement of existing laws for violent crimes and the repeal of laws that criminalize lawful gun owners which are sold to the public in the name of public safety.

    6. We support repeal of the newly-enacted Washington rules [ESHB 2118] requiring persons holding a valid Federal Firearm License to install costly video monitoring and security systems.

    7. We support the repeal of all regulatory and administrative burdens, including taxes and fees, which impair the rights of lawful firearm owners.

    8. We oppose gun and/or ammunition registration.

    9. We oppose the new statutory requirement to report loss or theft of a firearm [SHB 1903].

    10. Repeal Red Flag Laws that are not based on due-process protection.

    11. We reject the claim of the State Attorney General that parts necessary to the mechanical function of a firearm are not constitutionally protected.

    12. Amend RCW 19.86.110 to prohibit civil investigatory demands asking for information from any person or business concerning the purchase or sale of firearms, ammunition or firearms parts.


    1. We support the Federal and Washington State Constitutions' protection of individual private property rights as a core function of state, county, and local government. Property rights must be reinforced and upheld.

    2. We support repealing environmental restrictions such as the Washington State Growth Management Act, which is an outgrowth of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and infringes on private property rights protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.

    3. We believe that the vast majority of Federal lands must be returned to the States.

    4. We support due process and the right of appeal regarding private property ownership and utilization.

    5. We support fair market compensation to property owners for all loss of use or lost market value due to environmental and/or regulatory mandates.

    6. Repeal state and federal laws that allow government employees entry without permission and/or an official warrant where required, or where exigent circumstances clearly exist.

    7. We believe the natural resources derived from personal private property are not owned by the government and must not be usurped, taxed or otherwise infringed upon by any governmental agency.


    1. A child's moral education is a parent's authority and responsibility, not the government's. Public schools are ill-equipped to manage moral instruction.

    2. Parents, in coordination with local school boards, are in the best position to decide local public-school programs.

    3. Parents should have quality alternatives for educating their children, including public schools in other districts, private schools, charter schools, parochial schools, and homeschooling.

    4. Public funding should follow students to the educational choices of their parents.

    5. School funding should be prioritized to provide classroom resources for all students, including those with special needs, and qualified educators - not administrators.

    6. We believe that school bonds and levies must be required to get a super-majority vote to pass.

    7. Biological girls and biological boys must use separate sports and locker rooms/restrooms.

    8. School zones must not be designated "gun-free" zones. We support the arming of willing teachers with proper training.

    9. We support local education and the elimination of the US Department of Education.

    10. Prohibit funding conditioned upon a local district's adoption of social programs, speech codes, etc.

    11. School curricula must be consistent with the academic curricula and core mission of education as described by local parents.

    12. No time in public schools should be devoted to social learning, gender identity issues, or divisive or controversial ideologies such as DEI, CRT, systemic racism, implicit bias, 1619 project, and Comprehensive Sex Education.

    13. The only flags that should be displayed on public school property are the US and State flags.

    14. The Pledge of Allegiance should be recited daily in public schools.

    15. We support student well-being and the reduction of bullying, violence, etc.

    16. We oppose any sort of grooming or inappropriate relationships between staff and students.


    1. We believe that economic freedom and the opportunity to accumulate wealth are essential to a free society.

    2. We believe that socialism and the progressive agenda undermine economic freedom.

    3. We believe that a free market system with limited regulation, limited taxation, and the right to meaningful representation of labor is the best vehicle to create individual and national wealth.

    4. We support the roll-back of government fees and requirements that unnecessarily increase the initial capital cost of starting a business.

    5. We oppose creating or mandating of Central Bank Digital Currency for any transactions.

    6. We support a financial and banking system that is open to all individuals without discrimination and maintains absolute confidentiality of all transactions.

    7. We believe deficit spending is irresponsible and impairs future generations' ability to acquire wealth.

    8. So long as the United States remains off the gold standard, we oppose any law or entity that allows the federal government to print money indiscriminately or to spend more than it receives in revenue.

    9. We support maintaining the dollar as the reserve currency along with returning to the gold standard to stabilize the value of the dollar and prevent artificial inflation, such return to be phased in responsibly over time.

    10. We believe that the government has no right to interfere in private contracts.

    11. We believe that the government must maintain a fair and inexpensive system to timely adjudicate claims between private parties.


    1. We oppose appropriation of tax dollars to procure, or facilitate procurement of, an abortion.

    2. We oppose the use of fees, taxation, or credit-trading schemes for the purpose of impacting climate change.

    3. We believe in ending deficit spending which robs future generations of their prosperity.

    4. Cut the Federal Budget and add a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution.

    5. We support the elimination of unnecessary and unconstitutional programs and spending.

    6. We support single-subject spending bills and prohibition of the use of omnibus spending legislation or continuing resolutions outside of the constitutionally-prescribed budget process.

    7. We support independent audits of government entities to assure tax dollars are being spent appropriately.

    8. We support Congressional review of all foreign-aid payments with the goal of increasing transparency and reducing aid substantially.

    9. We support repeal of the Washington State Capital Gains Tax (RCW 82.87) (a.k.a. I-2109)

    10. Either repeal the 16th Amendment or align IRS enforcement with the Supreme Court decisions that wages are not taxable (Stratton's Independence v. Howbert).

    11. For purposes of law, any government fees imposed on the populace are to be defined as a "tax".

    12. Prohibit a "state exit tax" in any fashion.

    13. Any school levy/bond vote must be held in conjunction with a general or primary election, not special elections.

    14. No blanket forgiving of personal student loans. Allow the loan interest to be "tax-deductible".

    15. Require a two-thirds majority vote by the Washington State Legislature to approve any tax/fee increases or new taxes/fees.

    16. We believe that the federal and state governments must pay an equivalent percentage of taxes to local jurisdictions, as local people do, on Fed/state-owned property.


    1. Governments must be held to the highest moral standards.

    2. We believe the people have the right to remove elected officials who don't honor their oath of office.

    3. We favor local control and governance close to the people.

    4. We support prohibiting executive orders that violate the Constitution.

    5. Restore government to its Constitutional limitations.

    6. Freeze compensation levels of all federal elected officials until a balanced budget is passed through the authority of Congress.

    7. The use of continuing resolutions as a substitute for a transparent budget process must be forbidden.

    8. Members of Congress must not receive special benefits after their term of office is over; this prohibition includes continued salary, medical plans, travel benefits, non-court-ordered protection, security clearances and the ability to be a lobbyist for ten years after their term expires.

    9. Members of Congress and their immediate families must be forbidden from engaging in stock market trading.

    10. We support removing members of Congress for laws they enact that are unconstitutional.

    11. Reduce the dependency state by supporting a work-for-welfare program to the extent recipients are capable.

    12. We support requiring periodic drug testing to receive welfare benefits.

    13. Social Security and Medicare funds, as well as the interest earned by such funds, must only be spent on contributors to Social Security and Medicare and their survivors.

    14. Social problems are best prevented or resolved through families, local agencies, churches, and charities.

    15. Research the repeal of the 17th Amendment (Senator election).

    16. Sharia law must have no influence on any of our laws.


    1. We advocate for continued investment in maintaining and expanding our transportation infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of our communities and businesses including roads, heavy rail, ferry, and aviation.

    2. We prioritize the reduction of traffic congestion as a top concern for the WA DOT.

    3. We support strategic initiatives such as a third Columbia River bridge (excluding light rail), aimed at creating new and expanded roadway infrastructure to alleviate congestion hotspots and enhance the efficiency of our transportation network.

    4. We oppose the expansion of Tri-Met into Washington from Portland.

    5. We stand firmly against the imposition of tolls on the highway system.

    6. We oppose mileage-based taxes or fees.

    7. Fuel taxes should be almost exclusively allocated for the purpose of road and infrastructure construction and maintenance, and no more than 5% of fuel tax revenue should be diverted to subsidize mass transit projects.

    8. We oppose electric-vehicle mandates. At this time, charging infrastructure and domestically-developed batteries that are safe and affordable are inadequate.


    1. The invasion at this country's borders by illegal aliens MUST STOP.

    2. The POTUS must faithfully fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities to enforce the law of the land with respect to lawful immigration and take measures to prevent illegal immigration.

    3. The US government must fulfill the responsibilities of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution to protect every State in this Union against invasion.

    4. We support laws requiring timely adjudication (48 hours) of Illegal aliens and expediting of their removal.

    5. Enact laws making English the official language of federal and state governments of the US, including in government documents.

    6. We support the review of the Citizenship Clause (a.k.a. birthright citizenship) in Article 14 of the Constitution so that children born of illegal aliens or visitors in the United States are not automatically granted citizenship of the United States.

    7. Get the United Nations organization out of the United States, and then get the United States out of the United Nations.

    8. Forbid our military to serve under the United Nations as surrogates or to wear the United Nations uniform.

    9. Reject and withdraw from any agreements that subordinate the interest of the United States to any foreign government or other international organization, or in which the other party is not in compliance with the terms of the agreement.

    10. Foster a strong military that is capable of global deployment to protect the security of the US.

    11. Reform the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure quality care for our veterans.

    12. We support the establishment of a well-regulated (as in original intent) local citizen militia by removing limits to citizens' arming and training to that end and to assist in domestic emergencies, such militia not subordinate to State or National government.

    13. We support the abolition of sanctuary status, with respect to illegal aliens, in Washington State.


  1. We are dedicated to preserving the dignity and freedom of every individual who faces growing threats from escalating violence and crime, by vigorously enforcing our laws.

  2. Increase penalties, including up to capital punishment, for convictions related to violent gun crime, child pornography, sex/human trafficking, or drug trafficking and distribution.

  3. We stand firmly against the legalization and decriminalization of hard drugs and support comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs.

  4. We advocate for criminal sentences to incorporate three essential phases: penalty, restitution, and rehabilitation.

  5. We support a fundamental shift in our prison system, transitioning from unnecessary amenities and reinstating a model where inmates work and financially contribute to their incarceration and costs of the administration of justice.

  6. We support online/digital privacy protection and enforcement to reduce cyber-crime.

  7. We support increasing the professional development training of the police and maintaining high standards.

  8. We support reasonable term limits for judges as a means to ensure accountability, prevent the accumulation of undue influence, and uphold the principles of fairness and impartiality in our judicial system.

  9. Any illegal alien convicted of a crime of violence or a felony will be immediately deported to the country of origin.

  10. All businesses with over 50 employees will comply with E-Verify to ensure only legally eligible individuals are hired for employment. Those businesses found in violation will face heavy fines.


  1. Bolster the integrity of our election process, including voter registration, while calling for an end to voting by mail only.

  2. We endorse same-day, in-person voting using paper ballots with stringent voter ID requirements as the primary method of voting.

  3. We advocate for ballots to be hand-counted and reported in real time on Election Day in a continuous process once counting begins, thereby eliminating all vote-counting machines.

  4. We support a National Election Day holiday.

  5. We oppose legislation that requires mandatory voting.

  6. We demand that the voter registration process require legal picture ID and proof of US Citizenship and applicable residency.

  7. We affirm that mail-in ballots are crucial for voters facing special circumstances, such as medical impairment or overseas military duty, but such voting must be strictly limited to those and similar cases.

  8. We reject legislative attempts to eliminate signature verification for mail-in voting.

  9. Mandate third-party auditors to ensure the accuracy and transparency of the election process.

  10. We oppose any efforts by the Secretary of State and the Legislature to withhold election information from the public. (RCW 42.56.425)

  11. Support strict consequences for election fraud, including diligent tracking of cases by auditors and public disclosure of outcomes.

  12. Support the elimination of ballot harvesting to safeguard against potential abuse and to maintain the integrity of the voting process.

  13. We oppose Auditors' attempts to limit Certified Election Observers' effectiveness by restricting their notetaking and documentation process.

  14. We encourage Auditors to set monthly goals (10%) for voter roll maintenance and publicly disclosing outcomes on their official websites.

  15. We endorse transparent reporting and reconciling of undeliverable ballots after each election.

  16. Lobbyists, PACs, unions, and entities that receive government funds must not be allowed to influence legislation or elections.

  17. In regards to elections, we adamantly oppose any attempts to manipulate the law for personal or partisan advantage, including instances of lawfare.

  18. In regards to elections, we assert that federal, state, and local officials must apply the law impartially, without political bias.


    1. Decrease burdensome regulations, taxes, and fees on farmers.

    2. Protect and expand access to affordable water supplies for farmers.

    3. Reject Snake River dam removal.

    4. Support voluntary conservation efforts rather than mandatory buffer regulations.

    5. Encourage lawmakers to reopen CLIMATE COMMITMENT ACT (CCA) so damages to the agriculture industry may be mitigated through exemptions.

    6. Retain measures that mitigate agriculture labor cost increases, including overtime.

    7. Oppose Department of Ecology's effort to create dredge and fill permit schemes.

    8. To enhance our security, prohibit China and other countries/proxies from purchasing land for farming and illicit operations.

    9. Promote the coordination and revision of regulatory rules and enforcement to bring consistency across the various agencies, in which rules regularly conflict.

    10. Advocate for more farmer input into legislation that regulates farming.


  1. We support a diverse electric-generation portfolio, including oil, natural gas, coal, hydropower, nuclear, geothermal, wind, and solar power that promotes a resilient and reliable electric grid.

  2. Loosen regulations and restrictions on oil and natural gas exploration, production, infrastructure development, pipelines, and export/import terminals, etc.

  3. We advocate for increased development of emerging nuclear generation and battery storage to increase electrical capacity while being good stewards of our environment.

  4. Eliminate carbon taxes, cap-and-trade schemes, Ozone Transport Rules, CCA, and the Green New Deal.

  5. We oppose efforts to introduce any sort of climate-related charges through the utility rate-setting process.

  6. Prohibit sourcing any components of our electric grid (generation, transmission, control elements, etc.) from entities domiciled in, or associated in any way, with the People's Republic of China.


    1. Repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    2. Allow healthcare policies to be sold across state lines.

    3. Allow open competition for hospitals as in any other industry.

    4. No pharmaceutical or surgical treatments regarding gender dysphoria or similar condition shall be applied to any individual younger than 18 years old.

    5. Parents/guardians must be adequately notified and allowed to give consent prior to any medical procedure or treatment for their children under the age of 18.

    6. We oppose people being authorized to transport or treat minor children without parental consent.

    7. We oppose vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

    8. Respect and protect religious freedom rights of all individuals according to the First Amendment of the US Constitution, including all healthcare providers.

    9. Strengthen informed consent and the right to decline by repealing existing, and preventing new, mandates for medical interventions, products, and procedures, including for vaccines, immunizations, or vaccine passports.

    10. Repeal laws in WAC 246-100-040 that allow for involuntary isolation and quarantine through law enforcement action for individuals with infectious diseases.

    11. Protect the right to life of human beings from conception to natural death.

    12. Because of the potential catastrophic risks of creating uncontrollable infectious pathogens, make gain-of-function or dual-purpose biological research illegal.

    13. Do not submit our sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

    14. Increase funding to create both involuntary treatment-oriented incarceration facilities and involuntary outpatient treatment-oriented facilities for the mentally ill and drug addicts.

    15. We support regulations that give patients and their physicians more say with their insurance company.

    16. We support standardizing the healthcare billing system to reduce costs and mistakes.

    17. We support establishing a countrywide insurance rating system with input from the public to facilitate comparisons of insurance providers regarding how they take care of patients.

    18. We support creating the ability for government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on drug pricing as most countries in the world do.

    19. Enact tort reform.

    20. Remove barriers and penalties for physicians and healthcare providers so they may provide charity care or adapt charges to a patient's ability to pay.

    21. Put limits on bonuses for upper management of insurance companies to prevent these executives from being paid exorbitant total salaries to the detriment of basic individual care.

    22. We support adding physicians and/or nurses as representatives to advise the state Insurance Commissioner.

This platform was adopted by the delegates at the Clark County Convention, March 16, 2024.

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