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Date 6/22/2023 10:25:18 AM
Subject Media inquiry


My name is Carlos Fuentes and I’m a reporter with The Columbian. I’m writing a story on Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and some of the headlines she has been making for sticking to moderate/independent ideas, and was wondering if anyone from Clark County Republicans would like to comment. My deadline is today at 5 p.m

Thank you,

I did reply by 5 p.m. The story didn't contain a word of my comments. You can read them below.

My question to those who identify as moderates or independents would be this - what do you consider to be "moderate"? You don't need to take a deep dive into Marie's voting record to realize that despite her attempt to sell herself as a "moderate" in her campaign commercials where she's cutting down a tree with a chainsaw was just all theater. Her and her husband's small business that they've neglected to pay taxes on also helped aid Antifa by offering to fix their tear gas spreading leaf blowers free of charge that they were using against police trying to quell nightly violent, destructive riots.

If Marie is truly a moderate, then let's look at her actual voting record. Surely, this will vindicate her, right?

She voted AGAINST H.R. 5 Parent’s Bill of Rights , 24 March 2023 which would require schools to publish curriculum, mandate that parents be able to meet their child's teacher and that parents would have input into school policies. Does this seem moderate to you?

She voted AGAINST H.R. 2 Secure the Border Act , 11 May 2023 which would resume construction of the southern border wall, fund border patrol agents who are begging for help and resources and would put harsher penalties for drug cartels. Does this seem moderate to you?

Voted Against H.J. Res. 44 (Repeal of Pistol Brace Ban), 13 June 2023 which would repeal the unconstitutional pistol brace ban. Does this seem moderate to you? I thought she was pro 2nd Amendment.

She voted AGAINST H.R. 734 Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, 20 April 2023. This bill generally prohibits school athletic programs from allowing individuals whose biological sex at birth was male to participate in programs that are for women or girls. Does this seem moderate to you?

Voted Against H.R. 23 Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act (Repeal IRS 87k IRS Agents) , 9 January 2023.

Voted Against H.R. 277 – REINS Act of 2023, 14 JUN 2023 which would've taken away excessive government regulation of small businesses including our timber and fishing industries.

Probably the most egregious is that she voted AGAINST H.R. 26 Born-Alive, Abortion Survivors Protection Act, 11 January 2023. This bill establishes requirements for the degree of care a health care practitioner must provide in the case of a child born alive following an abortion or attempted abortion. Whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, does this seem moderate to you?

She's against parent's rights. She's in favor of biological males competing in girls sports. She's against protecting our southern border. She's in favor of unconstitutional gun restrictions when she claims to be pro 2nd Amendment. She's in favor of 87,000 new IRS agents attacking the middle class. She's in favor of excessive government regulation that would hurt our timber and fishing industries here locally. She's against saving the life of a baby born alive from a failed abortion. This is only 6 months into her time in Washington D.C..

But Joe Kent is the extremist? If you are a moderate or independent, please look past her sales pitch commercials and simply look at her voting record and make a truly informed decision in 2024.

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