SHB 1333, Domestic Violent Extremism, to create a WA state level censorship program to regulate the speech of WA residents. - Clark County Republican Party

Note: This bill could target people protesting Drag Queen Story Hour at a library board meeting or concerned parents attending school board meetings or even Pro-Life demonstrations. I apologize for bothering you about this, however, if we don't stand against this, we may not be able to stand against DQSH and other concerns in our state if this bill becomes law.

This legislative session, WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has authored SHB 1333, Domestic Violent Extremism, to create a WA state level censorship program to regulate the speech of WA residents.

A report was prepared for the AG office that explains more about the kind of speech that would not be allowed.
Categories of forbidden speech mentioned in a report supporting the bill include speaking about: Election Fraud, Anti- Critical Race Theory speech, Anti Masks and Vaccines speech, or anti LBTQ speech.
Activities that could be deemed extreme include protests and disruptions at school board meetings, pride events or drag queen story hours. Would public comments at a school board, library board or Health Board meeting be considered disruptive if people share concerns about public policies or practices ?

'We The Governed' posted an very good informative report and video on the bill by Glen Morgan (Link: here).

On Monday, Feb 13, at 4 PM, there is a hearing on SHB 1333 Domestic Violent Extremism in the WA state House of Representatives, the Appropriations committee.

Note: It only takes a minute to register a Pro or Con position on the bill by selecting the bill SHB 1333 and selecting 'I would like my position noted on the legislative record' using the following link. (If you sign up to speak remotely and they run out of time you can still submit written comments within 24 hours after the meeting).

To register a position on the bill, or to testify remotely or in person, residents must sign in and submit a position by 3 PM Monday.
This link provides details for residents to participate in the hearing:

In Spring of 2022, the Biden administration appointed the "Disinformation Governance Board" (or better known as 'The Ministry of Truth") to censor speech. Although this board was dissolved shortly after, blue states appear to have taken up the torch with state bills like this one here in WA State attempting to set up a liberal committee to determine who's free speech is allowed and who's is not.

Gary Wilson
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