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Precincts are smallest geographical areas for which officers are elected. Nevertheless, the precinct level is where citizen involvement and grassroots activities happen.

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PCO 587

Good morning fellow community members,
As your Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), it is my privilege to represent my community and the Republican Party boldly while we work to stop the destructive and anti-American progressive policies deliberately concocted against the citizens of our great Nation. We need to join together to restore America-first policies, God-honoring values and the fundamental and foundational rights provided by our Constitutional Documents through the bravery of our Founding Fathers and the men and women who fought for our FREEDOM.
I faciliate a Facebook group for those within Precinct 587 in Legislative District 18 which also serves as a communication tool and message board for the Republican Party Representation in Precinct 587, and will be updated to reflect current voting information, candidate profiles, petitions, volunteer opportunities and other Republican Party news. You can find our page by searching "Clark County Republican Party Precinct 587."
If you would like volunteer or if you have questions or issues of concern that you would like to relay to Republican Party leadership, please send me a direct email.
Your Fellow Patriot,
Aimee C. Vaile
PCO 587
18th Legislative District
3rd Congressional District

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