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Library Board Meeting

Library Board Meeting

Please join me at the next library board meeting Tuesday, February 21st @ 6PM (arrive by 5:30 to insure seating) at the Vancouver Community Library (901 C St, Vancouver).

We took back control in January's meeting as about 45 of us showed up to about 15 in favor of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Important:One of our board members asked the Library Foundation Board Director during his presentation 'if DQSH had affected donations to the Library Foundation and has this been a deal breaker?' He said, "Yes, there have been long time donors who have walked away because of this issue". (I missed part of the question and can only send about 10 seconds video of his answer to keep the file under the 25MB allowed but you can play the video attached below for his impactful answer). I have the entire meeting recorded thanks to Gina Carson and I'm in the process of getting this entire question and answer (over a minute total) added to my website.

Also, after my friend Phil and I shared during our public comments how the Columbian lied and fabricated what I wrote and my friend Phil said during the December meeting and explaining how I sent the Columbian editor and publisher an email asking for a retraction and apology from their December 21st front page article and that they responded 'send us the libraries video recording or transcript and we will print a correction' knowing full well the library does not record or transcribe their meetings. Well, guess what... the library board last month decided to start recording the meetings this month (February) to insure accuracy and keep the Columbian honest going forward.

I felt vindicated... after all, the library board was at the December meeting and heard my comments and saw how the Columbian had totally changed what was said. Together, we will keep them honest going forward, the library board knows full well they printed lies.

We are all making a difference. Word is getting around through our pledge form and word of mouth causing long time donors to stop funding the library because of Drag Queen Story Hour. (Please don't share this on social media until late Monday as I don't want the Columbian to get wind of this and write another front page article before Tuesday's meeting).


Note: I'll have a free teal 'Library Strong' T-shirt if you are attending this meeting for the first time. (If you already have one, please wear it). If you can't attend the meeting you can send the board your public comment asking them not to bring back Drag Queen Story Hour at: (Please be respectful as many of the board members now share our view).

The truth is out and now our library board has even more tangible reasons to not bring back this program causing children to question their gender (let alone sexualizing them). But we need to keep the pressure on and outnumber those coming asking for them to bring DQSH back as they did in December's meeting at this same Vancouver Community Library.

See you next Tuesday?

Bless You!
Gary Wilson
'Standing up for children, who can’t stand up for themselves’

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Event Date 02-21-2023
Location Vancouver Community Library

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