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A mandate of a medical intervention, product, or procedure is coercion, and violates informed consent. During the prolonged state of emergency for COVID-19, government officials and agencies enacted mandates that violated informed consent, the right to earn a living (through firings), the right to privacy (tracking and tracing), and medical ethics, while also inciting private enterprises to adopt the same mandates.

It was resolved that The Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) finds that any emergency order, proclamation, directive, executive order, ordinance or law that mandates medical interventions, products, or procedures, or tracking and tracing of individuals is coercive, violates informed consent, is unconstitutional, and will be challenged. The CCRP seeks to endorse and support candidates who support this position.
The resolution in it’s entirety may be read at: RESOLUTION PROTECTING THE RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT

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