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Upcoming Candidate School

Upcoming Candidate School

Candidate School

The CCRP, in concert with the CCRW, will be hosting Phase 1 of Candidate School on Tuesday May 7th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the CCRP Headquarters. It is designed to prepare potential candidates for the upcoming election cycle. We will be covering the following topics and objectives in this two-hour training session.

  1. So You Want to Run?
    1. Evaluate any Hurdles to Running
    2. Understand what is “Required” to Run
    3. Understand what you Might Expect During the Campaign
  2. Why you are Running!
    1. Know how to answer the question “why are you running?”
    2. Identify your passions for running
    3. Understand what is needed to develop your platform
  3. Your Job as a Candidate & Building your Dream Team!
    1. Define the Candidates Job
    2. Understand the Functions of a Steering Committee
    3. Know the Attributes of Key Team Members
    4. Know How to Motivate Your Team
  4. Branding; Why it's Important!
    1. Designing your campaign logo & color scheme
    2. Designing your website
    3. Developing an effective plan
    4. Executing the marketing strategy

This is an interactive training. Each main topic will have time for questions. Plus each main section will allow for reflection time as well as homework applying the lesson learned. Doing these assignments will result in a solid foundation for building your campaign!

Please RSVP to Kirk VanGelder at to reserve your spot so we can have handouts and snacks ready for you! Due to limited seating, first priority will be given to non-PCO candidates. We will fill any empty seats with PCO candidates.

We will also be hosting Phase 2 of Campaign School with topics covering Canvassing, PDC filings, Parades, Letter writing, and other pertinent topics in early June.

Lastly, we will hold other PCO Campaign and Orientation Trainings in the near future. Watch for those!

Event Information

Event Date 05-07-2024
Location Clark County Republican Headquarters

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