CCRP Leadership

Executive Board of Directors

Joel Mattila - Chair

I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, Constitutional conservative Republican who supports smaller government, lower taxes, traditional marriage, border security, the free market, and personal responsibility. My political beliefs are shaped primarily by my inner moral compass, which stems from my Christian faith and is reflected in the best document written by mankind: the United States Constitution. In short, this describes what I like to refer to myself as: a traditional, historical Republican.

Kathy McDonald - Vice Chair

A resident of Vancouver since 1994, I have served as the PCO of my precinct since 2000, taking a few years off while pursuing other endeavors. In 2008 I built state chapters all over the nation for the grassroots organization, Americans for Prosperity. In 2014 I worked on the campaign team for Ryan Zinke, who served as the Secretary of the Interior from 2017-2019 under the Trump Administration.

Juan Gamboa

Greg Cheney

Greg is a successful attorney in Clark County who works with the conservative grassroots and Republican campaigns to fight the leftist agenda. Having a legal mind oversee the party’s finances is invaluable. This position is a thankless and time-consuming position, and we are grateful for Greg’s offer to serve in this way.

Richard Rylander
State Committeman

As a lifelong conservative, I pledge to respectfully represent the interests, views, and goals of the CCRP, our conservative party platform, and to do so with energy and confidence while communicating facts and data. Past elected service includes serving as CCRP State Convention delegate, and Chair of the Clark County Clean Water Commission.

Jennifer Duvall
State Committewoman

I have lived in Clark County for over 35 years, have two adult children, and a brand-new granddaughter! My passion is keeping our community safe and building strong relationships with Republicans, both locally and nationally. I am a lifetime member of the NRA, believe in our Constitution, and support law makers who share my commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Legislative District Officers

Aura Reddington - LD 17

District Chairperson

Janna Meyer - LD 18

District Chairperson

Brian Gellatly - LD 49

District Chairperson

Glenn Kincaid - LD 14

District Director

Greg Boynton - LD 20

District Director

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