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The Freedom Index has released it's 2024 WA State Legislator Scorecards - Based on the Principles of the U.S. Constitution.

Our CCRP bylaws mandate our support for Republican candidates who align with our core values and party platform.

Congratulations go to Senator Mike Padden from District SD-004 for achieving a perfect 100% score in the 2023-2024 legislative session, building on his previous flawless rating in the 2021-2022 term.

While some legislators excelled, others fell short of expectations. This variance prompts us to initiate open dialogues to address any discrepancies and enhance representation.

Reflecting on the scores, it becomes evident that there are opportunities for growth and improvement within our political landscape. Evaluating the performance of elected officials against our party's standards allows us to hold them accountable and encourages a culture of transparency and accountability in governance. As constituents, it is crucial for us to engage in discussions and feedback mechanisms that promote better alignment between our representatives and the values we hold dear.

Are these ratings satisfactory to you? Did your elected representative truly advocate for your interests? Do you know someone who may do a better job? Perhaps yourself? Contact the CCRP Candidate Vetting Committee and find out what it takes to be a candidate and truly represent We the People.

Engaging with our community members and seeking their input is essential in ensuring that our elected officials remain connected to the values and priorities of the Republican party. By actively participating in the political process and voicing our concerns, we can drive positive change and influence the decisions made by our representatives. It is through constructive dialogue and collaboration that we can bridge any existing gaps and work towards a more cohesive and effective political landscape.

Regrettably, a significant number of legislators seem disconnected from both the Republican party and the constituents they serve. The Clark County Republican Party aims to collaborate with elected officials to rectify these disconnects and foster better communication and understanding.

Building strong relationships between elected officials and the communities they represent is essential for promoting effective governance and policy-making. By establishing channels for open communication and feedback, we can create a more inclusive and responsive political environment that prioritises the needs and concerns of all constituents. Through partnership and dialogue, we can work towards a shared vision of progress and prosperity that reflects the values and aspirations of the Republican party.

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