The damage of ideological and arrogant big government is everywhere and is truly breathtaking. The most dramatic example is Seattle—and those same forces want to control the entire state.

The destructive consequences of these failed policies gives our Republican Party a fantastic opportunity for a more conservative outcome in elections this year—especially with Washington citizens who:

  • Are not normally involved much but tend to vote for Republican candidates.

  • Typically vote for Democrats but have realized the outcomes forced by the radicals in their party are not what they want.

The official Clark County Republican party is, or will be, conducting the following outreach to these citizens listed above, as well as our solid Republican Party activists, leading to the November election: 

  • PCO welcome events and training:  As described in the welcome aboard message recently sent our new PCOs.

  • Republican volunteer development: To encourage and develop the volunteer network and do it in a way that builds enthusiasm and purpose.

  • Statewide candidate promotion:  For the candidates voted upon at the state level, such as Loren Culp, Kim Wyman, Maia Espinoza, etc., we are coordinating with these candidates and their teams now for various events and collaboration.

  • Local candidate promotion: Working with our Clark County candidates, with a focus on the tight races.

  • Hi-tech outreach:  Using the latest technologies for effective targeting of messaging to the persuadable voters listed above, both independently and in concert with interested Republican campaigns.

  • Direct outreach:  Working with the precinct-level volunteers, mainly to conduct targeted outreach to persuadable voters in the September/October time frame.

We really do have an opportunity to win many new friends and advocates to our party and its platform of ethical and efficient small government. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you can help in this important work for our home state.


Earl Bowerman, CCRP Chairman

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