October 29, 2019
Statement issued by Chair of the Clark County Republican Central Committee, Earl Bowerman
Please note that these comments are simply mine as Chair and do not represent the body or a vote of the Central Committee.

There are eight standing committees within the structure of the Republican party of Clark County, consisting of elected PCOs. One of those committees is the Bylaws & Resolutions Committee which elects its own officers, holds monthly meetings and reports its activities to the CCRCC at quarterly meetings. Last week the Bylaws Committee met and elected Dan Clark as its chair by a vote of 9-3 with one abstention. The next night—October 22nd-- it was brought to my attention for the first time that Dan Clark had charges from about ten years ago involving a minor-aged woman. The same day, a firestorm of accusations, posturing and name-calling ensued, some based on fact and some on innuendo only. I took action to discuss with Dan Clark applicable court documents as well as his resignation, which was forthcoming immediately. By October 26, the matter was fully resolved and the Bylaws Committee will soon meet to elect a new chair. Republicans do not condone Dan Clark’s convictions of misdemeanors of furnishing liquor to a minor or violation of a protection order or a felony of “residential burglary;” it should be noted that the some charges against Dan Clark were dropped before his trial and other charges were fully resolved with fines paid in full and sentence served.

As I point out to all, it is up to the leadership, and to everyone who has commitment to the Republican Party (and any other party), to be models of morality and to exhibit moral courage at all times. Without fail, try to do what is right.

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