Here are the candidates for the Washington State Republican Convention June 25, 26, and 27 in Everett, WA.

Please note that you do not have to be a county convention delegate to be nominated for state delegate.  Only delegates that attend the county convention may vote for state delegates. Please Register here to be included.

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State Delegate Candidates

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LD 17

I believe in Liberty and the Constitution and want to do my part to make our great state even better!

LD 17

I reside and have raised my family in Vancouver and continue to serve our community as a surgical registered nurse for at least 33 years.  I am a committed conservative and sincerely believe that President Donald Trump has been and will be the right executive leader to lead and direct the many facets of our country's interests. Please lend your support for me to represent our 17 district in the future Washington State convention.

Thank you!

LD 17

I would be proud to represent LD17 at the state convention

LD 17

I am a homeschool graduate, and I graduated right here in Clark County! I joined the military right after highschool and served for almost ten years on active duty before I decided the time had come for me to return home. I joined the reserves and I am currently studying Russian at Portland State University. Throughout my years as an absentee voter, I always felt a rush of panic at voting time because I was not active in my local politics. I have decided I don't want to feel that way anymore, so here I am, learning and participating in the politcal process!

LD 17

I nominate myself to be a delegate at the state convention. In the time since I became a Precinct Committee Officer in early 2017, I have kept busy helping the Clark County Republican Party. In 2018 I volunteered to walk in my first parade with Vicki Kraft and her group of volunteers and I was quickly promoted to the Volunteer Coordinator from then on. Her campaign had a victorious outcome and she has been serving as the State Representative for the Republican Party for District 17, Position 1. In December of 2018 I was voted in as Chair of the Clark County Republican Party 17th Legislative District, by the Precinct Committee Officers. It has been an honor to serve the Clark County Republican Party in this manner. I would like to represent those who I know trust me.

LD 17

Conservative, running for PCO in 577 in 2020, married for 50 years; 4 children; 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Education: BS Marketing & Finance and MBA. Run a K-12 education blog ( 


State delegate from CC in 2016.

LD 18

Retired Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).  Married 50 years with 2 grown children and 2 grand children.  A Fiscal Conservative, I believe our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights are being threatened by Liberal Left.   

Attended the 2016 State COnvention in Tri-Cities and would love the opportunity to again participate in the WA State Republican ection process.


I attended the Feb 29, 2020 caucus at Union High School and am a delegate to the Clark County convention.  I do plan to attend the webinar.


LD 18

I'm a pre-law student studying political science at the University of Portland. I live in Camas and as I am getting closer to graduation I have been trying to find opportunities to involve myself in political or charitable movements. The career center at the University has tried to steer me towards the campaigns of Jeff Merkley and Ted Wheeler but I could not sell out my conservative principals for a letter of recommendation that might get me into a better law school. My grandfather fled from a communist regime in Costa Rica and from guerillas in Colombia. Thanks to him I understand the value of the freedom and opportunity we enjoy in this country. My only experience in politics or working for the Republican Party was when Representative Harris sponsored me to work as a page in Olympia while I was in high school. However, I am young, energetic, and impassioned. I would like to be a delegate at the state convention because I want to take any opportunity to ensure the preservation of the values that made American great. 

LD 18

I am semi-retired since 2016.  My main interests are Politics, Mathematics, and Cyber Security

Since the format of the state convention has been revised to online, I would like to be a delegate.   I was nominated for the local convention, but declined due to COVID19.

I have been a loyal supporter of Presiden Trump since he first decided to run in 2015 or 2016.   I am a strict constitutionalist as far as the 1st ten amendments.  I am for individual liberty.   

I realize that perfection is only possible in the afterlife. So I am willing to accept some reasonable compromises, and to reserve judgement when experts that and politicians that I trust make decisions I don't agree with.


LD 18

I am George Hacker, a life-long Republican who has been active in the Clark County Republican Party since 2012. I believe in the Republican Party platform of smaller government, lower taxes, and more liberty. In 2016 I served as the state delegate who represented Clark County on the State Platform Committee. I have also served as the 18th Legislative District Chair from 2017-2018.

I am a conservative who believes in our God-given rights, as protected by the US Constitution, including the right of the people to keep and bear arms. I oppose abortion because it is an attack on human life.

Please send me to the Washington State Convention in 2020.

LD 18

My name is Jeannie M. Hix and I have the great Privilege of being an elected PCO of the 967th Precinct from the 18th Legislative Voting District from 2014.

I am a conservative Republican who believes in less Government Regulations from Federal, State and Local governments intruding into the lives of American citizens.

As a PCO I have mailed out to the 967 Precinct several times informing and requesting their opinions, because their voices as Republicans need to be heard.

I have been married woman to the same man for 59 years. I have been a Navy Wife, which I say with great pride, to a serviceman who retired after 22 years in the Navy, and he has retired from civilian life after starting various HiTech companies in Oregon and Washington State.

I have been a volunteer for PTAs and Girl Scouts and the American Red Cross and taught Sunday School, owned my own business and my last position I served as President of an advertising service company called AD VAN Media.

I have been Rotarian in my Professional life and retired life. I have served on a Hospital Board, and on the Oregon Symphony Board and after moving to Vancouver Washington I served on the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in SW Washington.

As a PCO it is important to me to represent the Voting Republicans in the 967 Precinct.

LD 18

Vote Randy Questad for state convention delegate!

LD 18

I am a huge supporter of President Trump!

LD 18

Hello Clark County Republicans,

I've lived in the Felida neighborhood of NW Vancouver for 11 years, after 20 years in Southern California and growing up through college in Colorado. I've got a fantastic wife and 15-year old daughter in high school. We chose to move to SW Washington out of all other locations in the Western states, and we don't want to lose the way of life that has been established by those who came before us.

I'm trying my hand at early retirement and finding ways to be true to myself. I noticed a lot of untruths being told in the state legislature this session, with the trifecta of liberal control in the Gov-Sen-House. It's now crystal clear that we need to protect individual and family rights, and that the Government should not be taking civil rights and freedoms away from law-abiding citizens. Government overreach is real, many existential threats are over-sensationalized by a very liberal media, and I'm ready to stand up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights under which I was born.

I will represent Republican Party values at the State convention to the best of my abilities.


Bob Runnells

LD 18

I love God, I love guns, and I love my country.  I am an Army veteran. I would be honored to serve as a delegate and support our great President Trump!

LD 18

I am a home school mom who loves Jesus and would love to support our great President Trump by serving as a delegate!

LD 20

I am the current PCO for the 534 in the 20th legislation district. My contributions to our clark county republicans Elected officials and candidates includes door belling attending committee meetings and letter writing in support of their campaigns and the Republican Party.

LD 49

I Respectfully Request your vote for 2020 Delegate to the GOP STATE Republican Party Convention!

jon anderson

Left to right

Peggy Anderson, Jon Anderson, & Granddaughter

Jon Anderson – Bio brief

  • Telecommunications Professional - 44 Years (retired 2015)

  • Vancouver, WA resident 1990 - present (Hazel Dell – Precinct 460, 49 LD, 3 US)

  • 30 YEAR Active member and usher at First Church of God - 78th St VANCOUVER, WA.

  • My experience includes: Currently Precinct Committee Officer for Precinct # 460, Currently serving as Treasurer for Legislative District 49, GOP Delegate to 2016 WA State Convention, and a volunteer in support of Conservative GOP Candidates – Locally, Statewide, and Nationally.

My Campaign Statement:

Greetings fellow WA State GOP Republicans, conservatives, and patriotic American citizens! Welcome to sunny downtown Washougal, Washington, USA (Virtually and online)! Thank you all for actively serving in this nation’s grass roots civic duties – government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Our nation is at a critical crossroad like never before with this 2020 general election year! This election will likely determine the future direction, the long-term strength of our nation going forward, and ultimately the survival of our great Republic. Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives have been negatively impacted by the liberal socialistic progressive Democrat party lead by Speaker Pelosi & Chuck Schumer. Their failed policies and blatant violations of their oaths of office to ‘uphold and adhere to the US Constitution’ continue unabated. The obvious tyrannical partisan assault on our POTUS and our historical heritage of civil governance must be defeated. Our religious freedom in the public square has been ruled illegal through tyrannical misrepresentation in Olympia, Congress, and the Judiciary. To help chart a new national direction I am willing, able, and available to be your GOP constitutional, conservative, state delegate to the upcoming WA STATE GOP Party Convention July 25-27, 2020 in Everett, WA whether in person or virtually online.

When elected I promise to represent all my fellow citizens fairly and with integrity!

Lastly, please know that I share your vision for our return to a strong, vibrant, conservative, and constitutionally driven U.S.A. along with President Trump! MAGA-KAG!! Therefore, I ask for your vote! Through our continued prayers and our conservative actions may GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!

Thank you! Jon Anderson

  • I have copies of this statement and Pocket US Constitutions for you upon request -please see me during a break.

LD 49

Hello, I am Richard Crain. I have been an active Clark County Republican supporter for almost 2 decades. From assisting with campaign signs to donating my money to the candidates I have been here working towards our mutual goals. Please consider voting for me for state convention delegate.

LD 49

I am the county party PCO in the 337 and currently your 49th LD vice-chair. I have been a political activist working hard to promote our Republican values since I was 17 years old. Yes, that was before I could legally vote but I didn't believe my freedom of speech was banned until my 18th birthday. lol Currently I am volunteering as your 49th LD Run 2020 campaign leader working to coordinate volunteers to re-elect our incumbents and flip a seat or two in the 49th LD. I am also the author and sponsor of an initiative for the people to push pro-life laws in our state. It is I-1698 or the Heartbeat Initiative. I would love to represent us to the state convention and work to get a plank in the party platform regarding our position on the egregious sexuality education bill the legislature just passed and promote it's referendum as well as the Heartbeat initiative. I am asking for your support by voting for me.

Carolyn Crain

LD 49

I am Ann Donnelly, long-time PCO for Precinct 225, in District 49. If elected, I am committed to attending the State Convention. I always consider attending the state convention very important, and when there, I try to make the experience productive for everyone. I try to promote courtesy and mutual respect. I have been active in the Republican Party for over 60 years, and here in Clark County for some 30 years. I served as County Chair in 1990-1992, and started a movement with many others to rebuild our party as a respected party that could attract a wide variety of good candidates. I have served as Volunteer chair for many statewide and local campaigns both successful and sadly unsuccessful. I always support our party’s candidate for President. In 2016 I was very disappointed to see Ted Cruz be defeated, but I supported and will always support President Trump for many reasons. I look forward to winning your vote for State Delegate

LD 49

My name is Karen Erickson , Legislative District is 49 . I am looking forward to being a state convention delegate for re election of President Trump. I moved to Washington in 2018 from Colorado , worked in Portland and in 2019 retired from my career in the Health Care Industry . I believe in less government while maintaining individual and property rights of the citizens of America. These ideals need to be protected.

LD 49

Richard Erickson is a retired Medical Physicist that would like to be your Republican delegate for Legislative District 49. There have never been greater threats to our Constitution than those facing our State and Nation today. As your delegate Richard would defend your private property rights under the Washington State Constitution. Richard knows first hand the importance of putting a high priority on education and the proper role of government in protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Richard believes a well functioning healthcare delivery system is best served by allowing open competition for hospitals in achieving the highest quality care at a reasonable cost. Richard was a volunteer poll watcher in the last Presidential election, and additionally, in the last election canvassed door to door supporting local Republican candidates. Priorities for government reforms include addressing the bloated size of government, eliminating wasteful spending of our taxes, abolishing unneeded government programs, improving our infrastructure and securing the borders of the United States. Richard would like to represent you this year as your Republican delegate for Legislative District 49 in the most important election for the future of the State of Washington and the Nation.

LD 49

I, Margie M. Ferris, want to be a part of the Washington State Republican Party Convention as a Delegate from the Clark County Republican Central Committee. I have been politically active in Clark County for 30 years. I was vice chair for 6 years, chair for 4 years, State Committeewoman for at least two terms and currently serving as a long time PCO.

I helped with Linda Smith's write-in campaign and many other campaigns, including Ron McKenna. I have walked and knocked, stuffed envelopes, sign waved, written letters, held signs in all kinds of weather, attended meetings, worked with Conventions and fund raisers, made phone calls and prayed.

My aim is to further the Republican goals of smaller government, protecting babies, our borders, lowering taxes, and protecting our Constitution. I want to elect Republicans who will fight for what we hold dear and, most importantly, elect President Trump for a second term. I love our Country and our nation cannot survive with a socialist leader. Republicans must unite and work together to accomplish these goals.

LD 49

Vancouver business owner with 30 employees.  I have had the pleasure to have served as the Chair of the Builder's PAC the Building Industry Group and on Government Affairs for the Clark County Realtors.  Both groups are responsible for interviewing, endorsing and supporting pro-industry and pro-business candidates.  Active with Clark County GOP for over a decade. Familiar with candidates and opponents and issues and how they affect our communities!  Started and recently retired a PAC known as Washington Taxpayers United.  Served as a delegate to the WA GOP convention in 2016.  Thanks for your support. You are welcome to contact me for comments or questions.  

LD 49

I joined the Republican Party in 2020 and was a delegate to the State Convention.

I am an imigrant and I have been a citisen now for 30 years.

LD 49
I have served as an elected pco and attended the last gop state convention. I would be honored to return and once again represent the conservative movement in Clark County!
Vincent Marcy 
LD 49

I am the PCO for the 335 in the 49th legislative district. I have worked on elections in the 49th for the past six seasons working to get a Republican representative sent to Olympia. Door billing phone banking sign installing as well as letter writing are my strengths. Elect me send me to the State Convention.

Office: 11215 NE 28th Street Vancouver, WA 98682
Please call ahead to be certain the office is open and a staff volunteer is there to greet you. (360) 695-1609
Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday  12-6 || Thursday, Fri, Sat   12-4


Mailing Address: PO Box 205, Vancouver, WA 98666