Senate Bill 5537

Official Bill Title:

Changing compulsory school attendance requirements for children five, six, and seven years of age.

UN-Official Bill Title:

Taking Parental Rights for their children’s development



Senate Bill 5537 is really about forcing homeschool parents to register and test beginning at age 5 instead of age 8.

Why this matters

Senate Bill 5537 matters because not all children are ready for school at the same time. We even have staggered ages of admission based on birthdates in our regular school years policy. Parents must be able to decide what age their child is ready for the testing that comes with home schooling. That testing is not what public school system children are subjected to. They do not test them at all any more!

Call to Action

To let your voice be heard, send a personalized email to ALL members of the Senate Committee who are considering this Bill. Be sure to demand this Bill is voted down by the Ways and Means committee and they do not fund this program!

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