Resolution to support local control and oppose mandated Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Whereas Parents love their children and want them to be safe and develop into successful adults and,

Whereas the Clark County Republican Party Platform has an entire section devoted to Education which says, in part, “Parents must have the primary right, responsibility, and choice in the education of their children” and “We oppose education and information in schools regarding the promotion of sexual behaviors and alternative lifestyles. We believe in parental authority over moral issues”, and

Whereas the Clark County Republican Party advocates for local controls and governance closest to the people, and

Whereas the current drive by the Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) is to force a statewide requirement for what is known as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) which purports to be medically accurate and age appropriate, but in reality normalizes and advocates many high risk behaviors without educating on actual risk factors and associated consequences, and

Whereas OSPI’s own recent survey of 10,000 people demonstrated that people DO know what CSE is and they REJECT having it taught to their children, and

Whereas Planned Parenthood and the United Nations are among the most aggressive promoters of Comprehensive Sexuality Education,

Therefore Be it Resolved that the Clark County Republican Party calls on the state legislature to REJECT a monopolistic OSPI mandate for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in our public schools and demands respect for the authority of our locally-elected school boards to determine the most appropriate sexual education curricula for our students.