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Innovation finds a way.

Here's what your Clark County Republican Party is doing to ensure that there is legitimacy in the political process. 
The Washington State Republican Party has developed some online voting tools to help all 39 counties to hold their county conventions online.  They are training us on how to do this and we look forward to using the system on April 4th. 
The Rules Committee, chaired by Joe Wagner, has begun developing rules that will work with an electronic convention.  This is vitally important, because it is very challenging to be true to Robert's Rules while everyone is in a different location.  (How does every delegate get recognized appropriately?  How can we have a sense of the will of the convention with just teleconferencing, webinar chat rooms, etc?)  However, we will do our best to ensure that everyone's voices are heard, and the will of the delegates is upheld.
There is one question that I have heard a few times: Why should I become a delegate to the state convention?  Do we even need to send any delegates to the state convention?  We already know that President Trump is going to be the nominee for 2020.  Here is my personal response.
Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how much can change in a few weeks.  However, to put things in perspective, when we held the Precinct Caucuses on Feb 29th, it was almost laughable that a governor would be able to presume that he could prohibit us from meeting in-person to conduct our political caucus.  Now, less than a month later, we are planning the details for Part One of our county convention via webinar.  In one or two month's time, what other political changes will come that we could not possibly imagine?  For the state convention to be legitimate, and the entire political process to have legitimacy, average Republicans must be involved.  We do not want the entire process to be shunted to only the elite.
At this time, the state convention has been moved to June 25, 26, and 27.  Will COVID-19 be a distant memory at that time, or will the social distancing efforts still be in place?  Will the economy be so crushed by the heavy reaction of government that we will be debating government intervention vs a Great Depression?  Because we do not know the answer to these questions yet, please consider being a delegate to the state convention.  If you are not going to attend the county convention, but still want to be a delegate to the state convention, go to this to nominate yourself to be a delegate before April 3rd.
If you have any questions, please email Michael Delavar at .
Michael Delavar
Caucus and Convention Committee Chair