Top Promises Kept by Republicans 2016-2018

The Economy

Enacted largest individual tax cuts for the American people since Regan.

Economy grew 5.4 percent to start 2018 – Obama’s average was under ½%

U.S. home sales hit 11-year high in 2017.

Business Investments up 39% in 2018-Q1.

All time high government budget surplus in April 2018. **

Pushed household net worth to new record – 7 times disposable personal income.

Lowered Debt to GDP Ratio first time in over 50 years. **

Created over $9 Trillion in new wealth for Americans.

Boosted consumer confidence to an 18-year high.

Increased Middle Class income to record high – over $62,000. **

Increased farm land value almost 2% in last 12 months.

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