At its third quarterly meeting of 2019, held on September 14th, the Clark County Republican Central Committee unanimously approved taking formal positions on three items. One resolution that will be included on the state ballot this November and two initiatives that it hopes will make it to the November 2020 ballot.


For the November 2019 ballot, the party (CCRP) firmly recommends that voters REJECT Referendum 88, regarding I-1000. This initiative abolishes the standard of equality for all, regardless of race, as is currently required by the voter-approved Washington Civil Rights Act. If passed with a vote to approve, a new system would be created to use different discrimination rules for people of different races. It would also establish a large governor-appointed bureaucracy. Perhaps most disturbingly, it would eliminate the veterans’ preference in public employment that has been a legal standard in Washington State since 1895. For more information visit the CCRP website:

The party’s ‘Minimal Government’ core principal and ‘Spending and Taxes’ platform, clearly support reducing taxes, cutting waste, and limiting government control. Therefore, the party ENDORSES Initiative 1082, Term Limits on Taxes, Round 2. In order to get this on the ballot in 2020, over 300,000 signatures must be gathered; therefore, the CCRP encourages citizens to both sign the initiative and to volunteer to gather signatures so that the goal can be met. This measure would require state tax increases to expire after one year unless approved by a majority of vote of the people, and terminate tax increases imposed in 2019 and 2020 without such approval. For more information visit the CCRP website:


The party ENDORSES Initiative 1004, the Parental Notification of Abortion Act. The CCRP strongly encourage voters to sign the petition and to become a volunteer to help gather signatures to ensure it gets on the November 2020 ballot. This measure would require that physicians notify parents or guardians before performing abortions on minors, with exceptions for medical emergencies or by court order, and provide criminal penalties and civil liability for violations. For more information visit the CCRP website:


“Our party values the sanctity of life and the unborn baby. We also wholeheartedly support our veterans who have given so much for the freedom and democracy of this country,” said Earl Bowerman, CCRP Chairman. “And Washington voters should decide for themselves if they want these high taxes to continue to perpetuity or not, and carefully consider the consequences of their votes and the potential impact on everyday life as we now know it.”


To sign petitions for these initiatives, or learn more about support for these measures, visit, or contact Kenny Smith to obtain petition forms.

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