jenn duvallMy name is Jenn Duvall and I am the current State Committeewoman for the Clark County Republican Party.  I have lived in Clark County for over 35 years.  My kids are adults and finding their way quite nicely.  We’ve decided to remain in Clark County.  In February we’re adding to our clan as my daughter is expecting her first child.  

My passion is keeping our community safe and building strong relationships with Republicans locally and nationally.   I’ve worked as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for 15 years.  Through my job I’ve been able to meet many wonderful people and really expand on the Republican principles and values that have been a driving force in my everyday life.  

In February 2017 I attended my first CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) conference in National Harbor, Maryland.  I have made  friends with some influential people who in turn have become some of my personal role models and mentors.  I was able to attend CPAC in February this year and build on those connections.   I believe we have a golden opportunity to turn our great state around, and our friends at The American Conservative Union couldn’t agree more!  Washington State is on the radar of conservative groups near and far.  My goal is to bring an event to our state.   I’m working hard to make that happen here in our beautiful Clark County.  

I am a lifetime member of the NRA.  I believe in our constitution, and I fight daily to make sure we have law makers who share my commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   I attend church at Crossroads, and I am a God fearing Christian woman.  

As your State Committeewoman, I take my job very seriously.  Keeping you informed with what goes on at the state party is my top priority.  I promise total transparency, and I will work with our leadership team to keep the information easily  accessible.  I  feel blessed that you’ve trusted me to serve you for the past 2 years in this capacity.   My commitment to each and every one of you is to continue that dedication.  We have a wonderful opportunity to bring our county together.   I am humbly asking for your support once again, as I believe we can keep working together to make Clark County great once again.  

Nominated by: Joel Mattila, Lynda Wilson, Steven J. Nelson
Seconded by: Kathy McDonald

I nominate Jenn Duvall for State Committeewoman. She’s done an excellent job and deserves another term. 
Lynda Wilson
PCO 699

I Steven Nelson, PCO #147 do hereby nominate Jenn Duvall for State Committeewoman of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee. 

Please acknowledge receipt of this email. Thank you,

-- Steven J. Nelson

 I would like to nominate myself for Clark County Republican Party Chairman, Kathy McDonald for Vice Chair Clark County Republican Party, David Gellatly for Clark County GOP State Committeeman, Jenn Duvall for Clark County GOP State Committeewoman, Greg Cheney for Treasurer Clark County Republican Party, and Kelli Fiskum for Secretary Clark County Republican Party.     

Thanks, Joel Mattila