independence day 2020

America is 244 years old.

And likely never more threatened.

In the last number of months evil forces have increased with the goal to blow up our country. Its history and its purpose. And our family’s well-being.

These forces are aided by the legacy media and many large corporations in America. Without a major sustained counterforce they may win this war.  

It’s a safe estimate that at least 80% of American citizens are against the goals of these anarchist. And this is why I write today.

The Republican Party, its platform, and members are vigorously against this destruction of our country.

In our work we find many people ask, “What can I do as an individual in this war for my country?”

pdfHere is a document the Republican Party was sent today that presents information on pushing back to this awful assault on America and our future liberty.

It lists various Push-Back activities in Clark County which is our focus.

Please, please, please take action and spread this information to everyone you know.  Independence Day is an inspiring day to begin this major push back.

We are under attack and now and it is not the time to worry what people may think of this message. A vast majority will respect you greatly.


Earl Bowerman
CCRP Chair

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