Earl’s Communiqué

On the New Year 2019

The approach of a new year is always a time to reflect on the possibilities that may be in new beginnings. The Republican Party, that “Grand Old Party,” is the Conservative Party and we at the Clark County GOP look forward to the New Year with aspirations to better understand what it is in life that we strive to conserve within the political context of our lives, so that we may pursue those with greater purpose. Let our focus be to preserve those things which contribute to life well lived – the true, the good and the beautiful in life — those things which are the object of our pursuit of happiness for ourselves, our families, neighbors, and community.

As we look back at the year now ending, we do so with optimism toward recognizing the positives that we may fine tune those things which were productive and beneficial to our mission while making adjustments where needed in realignment of our priorities and recalibration of our focus toward being as productive as possible.

We look forward to the coming New Year with great optimism, enthusiasm, energy and ambition in pursuit of the political achievements and successes which will secure for all of us the best opportunity for every individual and every family to pursue their own personal and unique visions of happiness.

In the coming year We at the Clark County Republican Party wish for every member of our community the best of all things in life; love of family and friends; good health and prosperity; success in our endeavors; with faith, courage and strength to sustain us in the face of challenges, disappointments, and misfortunes which may come.

May Your Year Be Filled With
Much Sunshine and Laughter and Love.
Happy New Year to All!
God Bless the USA!

Sincerely yours,
Earl Bowerman, Chair
Clark County Republican Party

Acknowledgement: Stephen Mosier
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