January 16, 2019

On December 8th of last year a new body of Precinct Committee Officers, a mixture of some experienced returning PCOs and some brand new to the body, met for their first official meeting and elected a new Executive Board with me as the Chair.   Just five weeks later they met again, and this time to perform a special function of the PCOs which is almost as rare as it is important.

When Eileen Quiring campaigned successfully for Clark County Council Chair last Fall, the Council seat for the Fourth District became vacant. The new body of PCOs was assigned by State law the task of selecting three candidates from which one will be appointed later this month by the four current County Councilors to fill that vacancy.

My job, as the brand new Party Chair was to facilitate the process by which candidates would apply themselves to the selection process and to organize and preside over the official meeting of the PCOs at which the selection would be made–a serious responsibly for the new man on the job, but an exciting one for me as well.  Fortunately, there are many of us dedicated volunteers, including elected Party officers, to help me do that.

The excitement grew quickly as the resumes of those applying for the position began to arrive. No fewer than eleven applied! In my opinion, they all possessed the necessary skills, experience and quality of character to make them more than qualified to sit on the Clark County Council.

Whether the selection made by the PCOs would be easy because each of the candidates was eminently qualified, or difficult because none warranted elimination, was difficult to know. But I was honored to be the one who would preside at the meeting where the PCOs would make those decisions.

It was  a special pleasure for me to listen and watch as each of the candidates, one after the other, stood before the body and described their commitment to the conservative values of government which they hope to bring to the County Council in their aspiration for enhancing and maintaining healthy economic growth in Clark County;  good employment opportunities; safe neighborhoods;  high quality non-congested roads; and conservative tax policies which will allow our residents to enjoy the best quality of life and the highest standard of living that is possible for our region.

As I watched, I felt a deep sense of pride in America and our wonderful system of government by the people. I felt the energy which comes from being a part of that process and I am humbled by the role I am privileged to play in it.

When the voting was done and the ballots were counted last night the PCOs had selected John Ley, Brook Pell and Greg Medvigy as the three nominees to advance to the Board of County Councilors where the final selection of one will be made. The citizens of Clark County will be well served by whomever that one will be.

I would like to recognize eleven good citizens, civic-minded and offering to serve on the County Council,  and the all-volunteer PCOs in the Republican Party who have given their time to study the resumes and attend Meet-and-Greets to talk with the candidates informally and  have done their job in selecting those who will move to the next step,  and the non-voting but steadfast Republican volunteers who ensured that the meeting, ballot processing  and counting was done accurately and efficiently. My thanks and gratitude go out to all of them for a job well done, with a special shout-out to Michael Delavar for his hours of joyfully sharing his expertise.

Earl Bowerman, Chair
Clark County Republican Party

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