Rey Reynolds Postcard Drop

Sunday - Postcard Drop, 2:00 pm 

Sunday is our final literature-drop canvassing event. We will meet at the Rey Reynold office at 2:00 pm and work in teams of two. We need 20 volunteers so we can send out 10 teams of two to 50 addresses each. These will be people who are registered but not yet voted! We are NOT knocking on doors.  This is GOTV lit drop ONLY.  Gotta be fast and pick up those last few voters!!  Every vote counts!!  
Parking is minimal, so please plan to park in the neighborhood/along Main St. and walk to the office.  Once you have your Postcard Drop list, you'll go back to your car and run postcards as quickly as possible.   
After the literature drop, we will meet back at the office for treats!

Event Information

Event Date 11-01-2020 2:00 pm
Location - Click the name to see a map. Rey Reynolds Office