18th Legislative District 2nd Quarterly Meeting 2019


Section 1. The 18th LD chair shall schedule quarterly meetings of the 18th LD PCOs at a time and place of his or her choosing at a time different from the scheduled CCRCC meetings. These quarterly meetings of the 18th LD PCOs are prescribed by the CCRCC bylaws. They will be referred to as 18th LDC PCO meetings.


Section 2. Notice of all 18th LDC PCO meetings shall be mailed to the 1 18th LD PCOs fourteen (14) days before the date of said meeting. Electronic mail shall be acceptable notice.


Section 3. Notice shall state the order of business and special programs.

Section 4. Only elected or appointed PCOs in the 18th LD will be eligible to vote.

Section 5. Twenty percent (20%) of qualified PCOs in the 18th LD shall constitute a quorum.

Section 6. Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition, shall govern all 18th LDC PCO meetings. Section 7. The order of the meetings shall include, without limitation, the following:

a) Call to order
b) Roll call
c) Ascertaining of a quorum e) Approval of Minutes
f) Unfinished business
g) New business
h) Good of the order
i) Adjournment

Event Information

Event Date 05-29-2019 6:30 am
Event End Date 05-29-2019 8:00 am
Location - Click the name to see a map. US Digital

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