CCRP Platform Committee Meeting

Congratulations to the caucus attendees for an enjoyable caucus experience. As mentioned at the caucus, if caucus attendees wish to be part of the Platform and Resolution Committee, they should send a request to Michael Delavar at . The committee is currently scheduled to meet on each Thursday in March, starting this week, 3/5/2020 from 5:30 to 9 pm.

The committee will begin work deliberating on the amendments to the 2016 party platform. After deliberating on each amendment, the committee will then examine each of the resolutions that were submitted at the caucus. A few people had expressed an interest in submitting their amendment or resolution later in the day. The committee will prioritize their work on the amendments and resolutions that were submitted at the caucus first before dealing with any amendment or resolution submitted later.

After the Platform and Resolution Committee completes its work, it will present the proposed 2020 platform to the county convention on April 4th at Washougal High School. The delegates that meet there will have the ability to amend, debate, and vote on the platform as well as resolutions. The work of the committee is to make that task as fluid and thoughtful as possible. According to the chair of the committee, Michael Delavar, "My goal is that all committee members will have an opportunity to meet fellow conservatives, debate respectfully their points, learn different perspectives on the policy issues that define the Republican Party in Clark County. I expect that new friendships will blossom, and we'll thoroughly enjoy the journey to the county convention (and beyond). Join us."

Event Information

Event Date 03-26-2020 5:30 pm
Event End Date 03-26-2020 9:00 pm

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