CCRP Caucus

As established by the Washington State Republican Party, the Republican precinct caucus will be held on February 29, 2020 at 10 AM.  It is the single largest venue for interested Republicans to influence the direction of the Republican Party.  Attendees at the Republican caucuses will be asked to sign a statement that they consider themselves Republicans and will not participate in any other party's caucus or convention.  Interested voters should look up their precinct number at  Voters will find their precinct number as well as caucus location from this lookup tool.
"This year there are two major functions of the caucus for Republicans," says Michael Delavar, a volunteer helping to plan the caucuses.  "Attendees will elect delegates and alternates to the county convention.  They will also be asked to provide input on the county party platform."
Delegates at the county convention elect delegates to the state convention and pass the party platform.  All of the delegate elections take place first.  This process can take hours depending upon how many rounds of voting are required.  Discussion about the party’s platform is the last item of business.  Traditionally a small number of volunteers propose an updated platform.  The first time delegates saw the platform was at the convention.  For most years, the discussion was difficult due to the time of the day and the lengthy number of discussion points.  In 2016, the Clark County Republican Party experimented with a different system.  
“We invited any caucus attendee to be a voting member of the Platform and Resolutions Committee,” says Delavar.  “The result was a large committee.  We put many hours into discussing the nuances of each plank of the platform.  After weeks of meeting and voting, the end result was a platform crafted by the grassroots.  At the county convention the platform discussion was seamless.  Within a few minutes three minor changes were passed and then the platform itself was passed with overwhelming support.”
This year, the Clark County Republican Party is inviting all interested Republicans to have their voices heard at the precinct caucus.  Any Republican caucus attendees who submit a platform suggestion or a resolution for the county convention will be invited to join the Platform and Resolutions Committee.  The committee will consider all of the suggested changes to the platform and craft a proposed platform for the county convention to debate.  The committee will meet several times in the weeks between the caucuses and the county convention.
"If you believe that the Republican Party needs to hear your voice in how it should change in the years to come, please join us," Delavar says.  "Come to the caucus and tell us what you believe should be in our party platform.  This is the surest way to help shape a better GOP."

pdfWashington Republican Caucus and Convention Manual

Event Information

Event Date Saturday, 02/29/20

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