Congratulations to all the delegates and alternates that attended our online Clark County Republican Party County Convention Part One. It was a success.

Photo credit: Carol Brown

Here are the highlights from the organizers:

We credentialed 107 delegates online, and while Katja (Sergeant-at-arms) unmuted each and every one of them doing a mic check, they were verified behind the scenes by Mike Stupak (Credentials Committee Chair).

After accepting the final credentials report, and voting on the Rules of the convention, the delegates then elected the permanent (for Part One) officers.

During the nomination process for delegates, there were some technical difficulties in making sure that people had the ability to see and correct the nomination list. The organizers of the webinar were prepared for that to take a little time. However, the biggest surprise is that despite having only a handful of delegates nominated to go to the state convention, a few individuals nominated many, many people in the 18th Leg District. Because the number of people nominated in the 18th was equal to the number of positions for delegate, and there were no excess nominations for delegate, the entire slate was elected by acclamation.

This was true for all five Legislative Districts. The vote for the entire slate was by acclamation because there were exactly as many or fewer nominations as there were positions to fill. The shocker came when we moved on to discussion about nominations for alternates. In that case, again a few individuals nominated many alternates. This caused us to take a moment and reflect on how best to accomplish voting for alternates applying the rules by the WSRP and do to it appropriately online.

Michael Delavar suggested that we enter all of the nominees for alternate into our online voting tool, Voter Science. It took nearly 30 minutes to enter all of the nominees into those two districts. Michael also found a way to make the online voting tool work appropriately according to the voting rules built into the website. The website was optimized to allow for alternates to be elected out of the excess of delegate candidates. Because all of the delegates had been elected already by acclamation by the appropriate process, the way to trick the website to allow for a strictly alternate election via Voter Science was to enter Blank1, Blank2, etc., for all of the delegate slots. Then, the directions were to have the people vote for all of the Blanks during the first election. That then tricked the program to believe that it had elected a full slate of delegates. The people left were alternates and could be voted on in two rounds of alternate voting.

Because there were two Leg Districts voting simultaneously, there was some confusion about what the procedures were and when people could vote on the candidates. There were a couple of false starts and the voting system had to be reset a couple of times. At the end of the day, the vote seemed to reflect the will of the people involved. There was one irregularity that threatened to challenge the legitimacy of one of the votes. That happened in the 18th Leg District. When some reviewed the final votes for the alternate elections in the 18th, it was pointed out that there were only 8 or so ballots that were counted, thus excluding a significant number of people that wanted to vote in the election. After some discussion about this, we took a couple of quick polls asking people to vote on whether it was appropriate to revote the alternate ballot in the 18th. In the end, 80% agreed that a revote was in order. The revote was taken, and a clearly more inclusive voting process happened.

After that, we adjourned Part One of the Convention. Part Two of the County Convention will take place at a time and place to be announced. (Once COVID restrictions have been lifted, ideally.)

Below are all of the delegates and alternates elected to represent Clark County. There were a few alternates that were not ranked because the vote percentages were the same. They are noted. The process to determine ranking is to draw straws, flip coins, etc. However, because of the isolated nature of the participants, it is our desire that this process is one that we defer to the Organizing Meeting of the State Delegates. That meeting will take place soon. (We still need contact information for the delegates and alternates with asterisks. If you know their email and phone numbers, please contact us with that information.) After we have the appropriate means to contact all of the delegates and alternates, they will set up an online meeting to elect a delegation Chair, Vice-Chair, Rules Committee Member, Platform Committee Member, and Credentials Committee Member.

A recording of the online webinar is on the CCRP YouTube Channel here:

14th Legislative District

14th Elected Delegate

  1. Randy Stewart

14th Elected Alternate

  1. Glenn Kincaid

20th Legislative District

20th Elected Delegate

  1. Rebecca Waddell

17th Legislative District

17th Elected Delegates

  1. Trevor Best
  2. Michael Curl
  3. Mark Deason
  4. Matthew Frohlich
  5. Carmen Gandarillas
  6. Pamela Gandarillas
  7. Paul Godsil
  8. Michael Grossnickle
  9. Maureen Horn
  10. Dixie McFadden
  11. William Neves
  12. Richard Rylander
  13. David Sisco
  14. Lloyd Squires
  15. Melinda Squires
  16. Doug Parker
  17. Janet Viola
  18. Ken Viola
  19. Paul Harris
  20. Lynda Wilson
  21. Cara Deason
  22. Mark Reddington
  23. Aura Reddington
  24. Andrew Gandarillas
  25. Carol Haynes
  26. Warren White

No Alternates nominated or elected for the 17th LD

18th Legislative District

18th Elected Delegates

  1. Betty Andersen
  2. Karen Bowerman
  3. Elizabeth Cline
  4. Edward Dawson
  5. Michelle Dawson
  6. Ozzie Gonzalez
  7. George Hacker
  8. Jeannie Hix
  9. Brenden Mattila
  10. Crystal Mattila
  11. Kari Questad
  12. Randy Questad
  13. Robert Runnells
  14. Joseph Scott
  15. Nicole Scott
  16. James Rogers
  17. Jason Gesser
  18. Robert Brown
  19. Julie Brown
  20. Shauna Walters
  21. Shannon Roberts
  22. Tyler Toedtli
  23. Michael Ware
  24. Bridgette White *
  25. Tony White *
  26. Matt Impola *
  27. Montgomery Wallman *
  28. Lisa Wallman *
  29. Joe Bjorklund *
  30. Aaron Muhonen *
  31. Paul Questad *
  32. Nora Questad *
  33. Josh Monen *
  34. Lacy Monen*
  35. Peter Tapio *
  36. Sara Tapio *
  37. Noah Alandt *
  38. John Visser *
  39. Brady Manning *
  40. Jeremiah Morris *
  41. Rhiannon Parks *
  42. Connie Jo Freeman
  43. Marilyn Roggenkamp

18th Elected Alternates

  1. John Ley
  2. Joe Bjorklund * (Note: must resolve whether he is different from delegate #29)
  3. Cora Grant * (tied with Mark Kelly)
  4. Mark Kelly*
  5. Jim Groth * (Tied with Steve Hix)
  6. Steve Hix *
  7. Benny Seppala *
  8. Jason Stenersen * (Tied with Larry Linne)
  9. Larry Linne *
  10. Adam McIsaac *
  11. Tiffany Seppala *
  12. Kathy Stenersen * (Tied with Garret Hergert and Emily Hergert)
  13. Garret Hergert *
  14. Emily Hergert *
  15. Mandy McIsaac * (Tied with Bruce Questad and Gloria Questad)
  16. Bruce Questad *
  17. Gloria Questad *

Note: The ties need to be resolved by coin drawing straws during Delegate organization meeting

49th Legislative District

49th Elected Delegates

  1. Jon Anderson
  2. Kiki Bittner
  3. Carolyn Crain
  4. Richard Crain
  5. Ann Donnelly
  6. Richard Erickson
  7. Karen Erickson
  8. Margie Ferris
  9. David Funk
  10. Brian Gellately
  11. Anthony Gomez
  12. Graeme Hirst
  13. Jimmy Johnson
  14. Vincent Marcy
  15. Steve Prastka
  16. Penny Ross
  17. Ryan Tinney
  18. Michael Donnelly
  19. James Ault
  20. Jock Coombe
  21. Elden Ferris
  22. Mark Medina
  23. Bill Black
  24. Trisha Medina *
  25. Steve Nelson
  26. Aaron Carlson

49th Elected Alternates

  1. Mike Sasse *
  2. Loren Kinneren * (tied with Kathy McDonald)
  3. Kathy McDonald *
  4. Travis Maley *
  5. Amy Carlson

Order to be determined by the delegate organization meeting coin flip.

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