Signatures are being gathered for I-1049 to repeal I-1639. It is a statewide effort and we need to collect 300,000 signatures by December 28th. We need all hands on deck to make it happen. Multiple gun shops in the area who  have petitions. Please reach out to either assist in collecting signatures or go to Limitless, LLC, Sporting Systems, or Safefire to sign.

More information can be found here:

or contact PCO Mike Garrison


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October 29, 2019
Statement issued by Chair of the Clark County Republican Central Committee, Earl Bowerman
Please note that these comments are simply mine as Chair and do not represent the body or a vote of the Central Committee.


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At its third quarterly meeting of 2019, held on September 14th, the Clark County Republican Central Committee unanimously approved taking formal positions on three items. One resolution that will be included on the state ballot this November and two initiatives that it hopes will make it to the November 2020 ballot.


For the November 2019 ballot, the party (CCRP) firmly recommends that voters REJECT Referendum 88, regarding I-1000. This initiative abolishes the standard of equality for all, regardless of race, as is currently required by the voter-approved Washington Civil Rights Act. If passed with a vote to approve, a new system would be created to use different discrimination rules for people of different races. It would also establish a large governor-appointed bureaucracy. Perhaps most disturbingly, it would eliminate the veterans’ preference in public employment that has been a legal standard in Washington State since 1895. For more information visit the CCRP website:


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