Top Promises Kept by Republicans 2016-2018

The Economy

Enacted largest individual tax cuts for the American people since Regan.

Economy grew 5.4 percent to start 2018 – Obama’s average was under ½%

U.S. home sales hit 11-year high in 2017.

Business Investments up 39% in 2018-Q1.

All time high government budget surplus in April 2018. **

Pushed household net worth to new record – 7 times disposable personal income.

Lowered Debt to GDP Ratio first time in over 50 years. **

Created over $9 Trillion in new wealth for Americans.

Boosted consumer confidence to an 18-year high.

Increased Middle Class income to record high – over $62,000. **

Increased farm land value almost 2% in last 12 months.


Vote NO on I-1631

I-1631 is an unfair energy tax that will attempt to increase taxes on Washington families, small business owners and consumers. This initiative is being promoted as a “fee” on carbon emissions, once you look into the facts you’ll see it’s just another costly tax with FAR REACHING consequences.

Economists show that I-1631 will actually increase gasoline prices by up to 14 cents a gallon in the FIRST year alone! Annual increases every year and no cap on how high the fees could go.

Washington already has the 3rd HIGHEST Gasoline prices in the nation! Only California and Hawaii are higher.


Update: This isn’t your usual gun grab. This one greatly prohibits the most vulnerable among us (women and the poor) from protecting themselves. Gun ownership is a right, not a privilege and all legal citizens have a right to protect themselves.

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