The Clark County Republican party is leading or facilitating the following events to help present local and state-wide Republican candidates to the 303,782 Clark County voters.

Current events planned by the party, affiliated organizations, and candidates are:

  • State-wide candidate introduction at the Aug. 29th PCO meeting: State-wide candidate introduction to PCOs. Our party leadership will facilitate discussion with the candidates on the key initiatives we all face.
  • Hootenanny for Freedom Event : Featuring our wonderful candidate for governor, Loren Culp. This Sept 16th event is put on by the Clark County Republican Woman's group and one can register here. This group’s last event was live streamed and over 250,000 watched online.
  • Culp Campaign Event: Similar to the recent event the Culp campaign held that attracted nearly 1000 people. We understand other state-wide candidates will be invited and introduced. Details will be promoted as soon as we know. You can follow Loren Culp events here.
  • Other State-wide Candidate Events: We are in discussions with the various campaigns and more will be announced as they are set.
  • Local Candidate Events: Promotion of independent candidate events or co-planning events. It’s important to note that activity for statewide candidates is designed to raise the boats of the local candidates--especially ones in tight races.

In addition to these events, the following are planned to be executed closer to when the ballots are sent.

  • Hi-Tech Outreach to persuadable voters: We have the data and modern techniques to get our message out to voters including the many voters that do not traditionally vote for Republican candidates, but may in this election. This is likely were the votes are to win in some races.
  • Direct outreach: We have hundreds of volunteers (including 250 new PCOs) and will conduct precinct-based outreach to targeted voters. We will coordinate with all candidates for distributing their literature and messages — again with a heavy focus on apparent tight races.

Sincerely, Earl Bowerman
Clark County Republican Cahirman

Initiatives and Referendums:

We worked hard to get R-90 (Referendum against SB-5395, Comprehenisve Sex Ed) on November's ballot, now we need to tell people to REJECT R-90, removing the mandate for CSE.

Initiative I-1109 Common Sense Sex Ed (Next Step in the CSE battle)

Initiative !-1114 14 Day Emergency Powers Act--Now gathering signatures!

Complete the volunteer form and we will make sure your information is passed on to the appropriate campagn.

Show us your signs. 

LIMITLESS AMERICA in Washougal is decked out with a new fabulous look these days.

Primary Election Results

The primary election results was certified. You can review the results here:

These results only include Clark County. To review multi-county or state wide results, click the link on the bottom left of the race you are interested in.

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