Bill # 5909

Official Bill Title:

Concerning legislative oversight of gubernatorial powers concerning emergency proclamations and unanticipated receipts.

Un-Official Bill Title

Democrats Pretending to do something to stop a Dictator they like!



Senate Bill 5909

AN ACT Relating to legislative oversight of gubernatorial powers concerning emergency proclamations and unanticipated receipts;
amending RCW 43.06.210, 43.06.220, and 43.79.270; and adding a new chapter to Title 44 RCW.

Why this matters

Senate Bill 5909 is so important because as this over 2 year process continues the governor has refused to relinquish his omnipotent power to restore the legislative powers in the 3 branches of government Representative Republic we live in. He is getting money from the federal government as we sit locked away from each other and our loved ones. People have lost their jobs and he doesn’t care. Children are being indoctrinated to forgo their freedom and he doesn’t care. People are committing homicide and suicide but he doesn’t care! He isn’t asking the legislature HOW to spend the money he gets from the feds so their power of the purse is usurped. This bill doesn’t end that dictatorship unless the majority and minority leaderships agree to end it. When was the last time you saw the Democrats agree to use reason with regards to power? They have refused to even hear the bills brought forth by the Republicans with regards to this and frankly most other issues. Take action now as this bill passed the Senate straight down party lines. Tell the house NO! Amend it to require 4 members of the majority and minority party leadership must all agree to allow it to continue because the state of emergency is that critical or vote NO on this bill!

Call to Action

To let your voice be heard, send a personalized email to ALL members of the Senate Committee who are considering this Bill. Be sure to demand this Bill is voted down by the House State and Tribal Relations committee and they do not pass this bill! Hearing in House State and Tribal Relations committee is on 02/21/2022 at 1:30 PM.

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