Bill # 5558

Official Bill Title:

< Concerning the bistate governance of interstate toll bridges owned by local governments >

Un-Official Bill Title

Creating an INTERSTATE UN-ELECTED Government agency with no public input or control



Senate Bill 5558 is really about setting up funding resources for transportation spending and creating an unelected bureaucracy.

Why this matters

Senate Bill 5558 matters because it creates another agency which uses all the state local and federal powers of tolling, land use, eminent domain, and public taxes to purchase, design and construct interstate bridges. The language does not reflect who the actual governing bodies are supposed to be and at the end it states that where there is a conflict in laws between this commission / agency and state or local laws the commission stands and the state laws are void! This senate bill passed the senate 49 to 0 and is now in the house chamber for final consideration. Tell them to amend the bill for public protections and rights to sovereign states and their people’s vote. This bill could over ride the people’s right to vote on tolling funding, bonds, and even light rail as this commission doesn’t have to go to the people for a vote!

Call to Action

To let your voice be heard, send a personalized email to ALL members of the House Committee who are considering this Bill. Be sure to demand this Bill is voted down by the House Transportation committee and they do not pass this program! Hearing in House Transportation is 3:30 PM on 2/17/2022

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