Bill #5196

Official Bill Title:

Describing how the legislature may convene a special session.

Un-Official Bill Title

Authorizing the Legislature to convene special sessions



Senate Bill 5196

AN ACT Relating to how the legislature may convene a special
session; adding a new section to chapter 44.04 RCW; and creating a new section.

Why this matters

Senate Bill 5196 matters because as the laws are currently written the Legislature has no specific authority to call special sessions during interim breaks apparently only the Governor does. I looked everywhere in the RCWs and it is not addressed. This bill has a high bar of 2/3rds vote to call a session but it assigns it to the rules committee so that bar is 2/3rds of that committee. By addressing and assigning it this way a rules committee of either chamber can call the session recognizing that they will get the necessary quorum to convene and thus address any state of emergency as it arises. Once that committee agrees to call the session limited to the issue and the 30 day time limit the session is called and the Legislative power is again at work to address the issue at hand. This bill passed the Senate and is now in the house.

Call to Action

To let your voice be heard, send a personalized email to ALL members of the House Committee who are considering this Bill. Be sure to demand this Bill is voted for by the House committee on State Government and Tribal Relations. Hearing in Hearing in the House Committee on State Government is 8 am on 2/16/2022

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