Bill # 1226

Official Bill Title:

Concerning school district elections.

Un-Official Bill Title

Making it easier to raise taxes for schools!



House Bill 1226 is really about Reducing from 2/3rd to simple majority vote to raise bonds for school districts taxes.

Why this matters

House Bill 1226 matters because it allows the special elections in February and April when very few people vote to get additional taxes passed to add more money to school funding. The school just received nearly $600 million dollars in extra funds under the federal covid emergency act but they want more. There was an executive session on this bill but no action was taken on February 7th. I believe it is because that was right before the special election this month with tons of state school districts going for a vote. I believe the Democrats decided to play wait and see just how fed up are the people with our education and policies. I think they may decide to take action so I think we should be sending them the NO Vote message in light of so many school district levy and bond failures.

Call to Action

To let your voice be heard, send a personalized email to ALL members of the House Capital Budget Committee who are considering this Bill. Be sure to demand this Bill is voted down by them or they do not take action and let it die.

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