If you have any issue with your database it's the first thing to do","ACYM_SEND_TEST_SUCCESS": "The test was succefully sent","ACYM_SEND_TEST_ERROR": "Error sending the test","ACYM_COPY_DEFAULT_TRANSLATIONS_CONFIRM": "This will override the current custom translations and keep the additionnal language keys you may have created.","ACYM_BECARFUL_BACKGROUND_IMG": "Be careful if you insert background image, not all the email clients display them","ACYM_CANT_DELETE_AND_SAVE": "You can't delete a user and save the mail in the same rule","ACYM_AND": "And","ACYM_OR": "Or","ACYM_ERROR": "An error occurred","ACYM_EDIT_MAIL": "Edit email","ACYM_CREATE_MAIL": "Create new mail","ACYM_NO_RAND_FOR_MULTQUEUE": "You should not use the random ordering if you use the multiple queue system.","ACYM_DELETE_MY_DATA_CONFIRM": "This will permanently delete all your data","ACYM_CHOOSE_COLUMN": "Choose a column","ACYM_AUTOSAVE_USE": "AcyMailing found recent unsaved modifications, do you want to use them?","ACYM_SELECT_NEW_ICON": "Select a new icon","ACYM_SESSION_IS_GOING_TO_END": "WARNING: Your session will end in 1 minute, don't forget to save your work!","ACYM_CLICKS_OUT_OF": "%1$s clicks out of %2$s","ACYM_OF_CLICKS": "%s of clicks","ACYM_ARE_SURE_DUPLICATE_TEMPLATE": "Are you sure you want to duplicate this email?","ACYM_NOT_FOUND": "%s not found","ACYM_EMAIL": "Email","ACYM_CAMPAIGN_NAME": "Campaign name","ACYM_EMAIL_SUBJECT": "Email subject","ACYM_TEMPLATE_NAME": "Template name","ACYM_ERROR_SAVING": "Error saving","ACYM_LOADING_ERROR": "Loading error, please refresh the page and retry.","ACYM_AT_LEAST_ONE_USER": "Please add at least one user to your testing list.","ACYM_ERROR_SAVING": "Error saving","ACYM_NO_DCONTENT_TEXT": "No content found based on the criteria you've selected","ACYM_PREVIEW": "Preview","ACYM_PREVIEW_DESC": "This is a preview, the content that will be sent can be seen on the summary page","ACYM_CONTENT_TYPE": "Content type","ACYM_TEMPLATE_EMPTY": "Your template is empty!","ACYM_DRAG_BLOCK_AND_DROP_HERE": "Drag a block from the \"contents\" section then drop it here to start","ACYM_WELL_DONE_DROP_HERE": "Well done, now drop it here!","ACYM_REPLACE_CONFIRM": "Are you sure you want to replace the content of your email by your selection?","ACYM_STATS_START_DATE_LOWER": "Please enter a start date under the end date","ACYM_ARE_YOU_SURE_DELETE_ADD_ON": "Are you sure you want to delete this add-on? Make sure no campaign or automation uses its features!","ACYM_COULD_NOT_SUBMIT_FORM_CONTACT_ADMIN_WEBSITE": "Could not submit the form, please contact the admin of the website.","ACYM_TEMPLATE_CREATED": "Template created","ACYM_UNSUBSCRIBE": "Unsubscribe","ACYM_BUTTON": "Button","ACYM_SPACE_BETWEEN_BLOCK": "Space between blocks:","ACYM_X1_AND_X2": "%1$s and %2$s:","ACYM_COULD_NOT_SAVE_THUMBNAIL_ERROR_X": "Could not save the thumbnail of this template. Error: %s","ACYM_REQUEST_FAILED_TIMEOUT": "Request failed for timeout","ACYM_INSERT_DYNAMIC_TEXT": "Insert dynamic text","ACYM_PLEASE_SET_A_LICENSE_KEY": "Please set a license key","ACYM_COULD_NOT_UPLOAD_CSV_FILE": "Could not upload this csv file"}; var emailProtector=emailProtector||{};emailProtector.addCloakedMailto=function(g,l){var h=document.querySelectorAll("."+g);for(i=0;i 8) && el.rel.match(relsize[1])); }); }; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ Mediabox.scanPage(); }); if (typeof jfbcJQuery == "undefined") jfbcJQuery = jQuery; if (typeof jfbcJQuery == "undefined") jfbcJQuery = jQuery; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ new MobileMenuCK(jQuery('#main-nav'), {menubarbuttoncontent : '≡',topbarbuttoncontent : '×',showmobilemenutext : 'custom',mobilemenutext : 'Select Page',container : 'menucontainer',detectiontype : 'resolution',resolution : '640',usemodules : '0',useimages : '0',showlogo : '1',showdesc : '0',displaytype : 'accordion',displayeffect : 'normal',menuwidth : '300',openedonactiveitem : '0',mobilebackbuttontext : 'Back',menuselector : 'ul.maximenuck',uriroot : '',menuid : 'main-nav',merge : '',beforetext : '',aftertext : '',mergeorder : '',}); });

Clark County Republican News June 5, 2020

Mail to:
PO Box 205
Vancouver, WA 98666