To All Those Who Helped Republicans Win in 2018,

Thank you! We had some huge successes in Clark County, including:

Retaining all of our Republican state legislator seats in Clark County;

Keeping 4 out of 5 county council seats as well as all Republican held seats throughout the county;

Holding the third congressional seat, re-electing Jaime Herrera Beutler;

Forcing the “blue wave’ to crash hard on the rocks in Clark County!

While we did not pick up any seats previously held by democrats, we were able to hold strong. This made Clark County shine as a bright spot in Washington State and the national GOP, where Republicans lost some House seats overall. Nationally, we at the GOP did gain Senate seats, which will allow our President to continue to appoint great judges as we have seen.

A huge congratulations to all our candidates who won! Welcome Larry Hoff to our great team of representatives. A very special thank you to Jeanne Stewart who has served Clark County well for several years. Jeanne was placed in a redistricted seat in the most liberal part of Clark County and she still fought for us all the way through. While not winning reelection, we can all appreciate her willingness to fight for us. Congrats to our new Republican County Chair, Eileen Quiring – we will soon be selecting a new replacement to take her previous position on the council.

While many people worked hard to ensure our Republican candidates won their seats so they can continue helping the county, a few went above and beyond and deserve special recognition. A special thank you to the volunteers who helped lead the efforts that took place throughout the county!

Thank you to the Clark County Republican Central Committee for endorsing and supporting our great Republicans candidates in 2018. We made up the largest Republican team in years at to observe the elections process. And to all the others who showed up on the Super Saturdays and participated in Sign Waving, Knocking on Doors, Volunteering at the Phone Bank, Handing Out Flyers, Putting Up Signs, and Donating to Our Candidates – Thank You All So Much!

You are the reason we had so much success in 2018!

We now have an improved website, an organized party made of several committees leading the effort, a ton of local support and amazing elected officials representing us. Our successful Be Bold campaign which spread throughout much of the state gave us yet another reason to be thankful.

The state of the Clark County Republican Party is stronger than ever. We appreciate your continued support. Since I will not be running for Chairman of the CCRP again, a new leadership team will be elected this December and I look forward to passing on something great to them.

It has been an honor to serve all of you for the past two years and I could not have done it without all the support you provided.

Thank you and God bless.


David Gellatly

Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

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